Miniguide of the apartment’s surroundings

Hello! I am very pleased that you have chosen to stay at my apartment. It is a great pleasure to host you and I will do my best to make your stay pleasant and trouble-free. Your comfort is my top priority, therefore I have prepared this little guide, which you may find useful both when planning your trip and during your stay. It includes information on getting around Warsaw, as well as shops, restaurants and tourist attractions within easy reach from the apartment. Just click on the tab with the category you are interested in.

PS The yellow links in most cases will redirect you to the location of the particular POI on Google Maps. In some cases they will lead you to an external website providing additional information about the issue being mentioned (when applicable, I have linked an English version).

PS2 Let me also invite you to look through other pages of this blog in which I share my travel experience from all parts of the world. Unfortunately there is no English version. However, instant website translation is nowadays better than ever before and may let you dig into my memories.

🚏 Public transport

Warsaw has a well-developed public transport network. A list of all lines, as well as a journey planner is available on the official website of Warsaw Public Transport. The good news is that Google Maps provides real-time vehicle tracking within the capital of Poland.

Tickets can be purchased at some kiosks but the easiest way to obtain them is via one of the numerous ticket machines. They are available on each bus or tram as well as on metro stations and at key overground stops. It is also possible to buy tickets via one of the apps providing mobile payments. Please note that drivers do not sell tickets. More information about where to buy tickets is offered here.

I hope that the following information will help you to choose one of the transport options available within walking distance from the apartment. In addition to public transport, I have also included other forms of getting around.

The connection success in Warsaw is determined by the subway accessibility. Although the apartment is not located in the very centre of the city, it is very easily reachable by the underground train. The Słodowiec station is located within about 9 minutes walk (there are 600 meters to go). The second nearest Marymont station is about 13 minutes (950 meters) from the apartment.

There is no need to use an additional public transportation method to get to the subway station. However, there are plenty of other connections around.

Please find below a list of the nearest bus stops. They are paired, if the same bus lines leave from them but in opposite directions:

Kindly keep in mind that lines marked with „N” before the number operate at night.

There are also a few tram stops. As well as in case of bus stops, they are paired when the same tram lines leave from them but in opposite directions:

A healthy and eco-friendly alternative to conventional public transportation vehicles is provided by the bicycle rental system. The rental season lasts from the beginning of March until the end of October. More information and dedicated app download links are available here.

The number of bike stations is high. Please find the list of the nearest ones:

The cycle lane system around the apartment and in Warsaw generally is well developed.

There are plenty of rentable scooters all around Warsaw. The most popular rental apps are: Bolt, Dott and Lime.

The easiest way to book a taxi in Warsaw is via one of the worldwide known apps: Bolt, FREENOW and Uber.

A worthwhile alternative to taxis provides car sharing. There are several rental companies in Warsaw and the availability of their vehicles is usually high. The most popular car sharing apps operating within the capital of Poland are: 4Mobility, Panek, Traficar.

🛍️ Shops and services

There are plenty of shops, restaurants and other service providers in the immediate surroundings of the apartment.

The distances mentioned below refer to the shortest footpath available and are based on Google Maps data. I have listed them, starting with the nearest, and the distance in most cases does not exceed one kilometre.

You can reach the nearest shop within a 60 metres walk! Although, let me also mention other shopping options which are a little further:

There are also some tiny grocery shops:

Fresh bread for your breakfast? Here it is:

There are also providers of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as meat and fish:

If necessary, please find a list of the nearest chemist’s shops:

The list below contains service points which may also be useful but not refer to any of the aforementioned categories:

🍴 Restaurants and cafes

There is a wide range of dining places around the apartment. As with the stores and services, I have compiled a list of restaurants and cafes in which, I am almost sure, you will find the kind of meal you currently crave.

The distances mentioned below refer to the shortest footpath available and are based on Google Maps data. These venues are listed, starting with the nearest and grouped into categories referring to the most popular types of food or cuisines.

This distance in most cases is less than a kilometre, although there are also further dining options mentioned here mainly due to the delivery option. Many of the restaurants are available on the worldwide known food delivery platforms: Bolt Food, Glovo,, Uber Eats and Wolt.

PS With exclamation marks (❗) I would like to point out these places which, in my opinion, deserve your special attention as well as the ones which I tested with my own stomach and therefore could strongly recommend!

Pizza is good for everything. Let me find the best pizzeria for you:

  • San Giovanni Pizza & Pasta – 400 metres:
    • the closest pizza restaurant belongs to the popular Warsaw chain San Giovanni,
  • Sipizza – 850 metres:
    • much-loved by the locals, appreciated both for the taste and friendly staff,
  • Mystic Pizza Bar – 1,200 metres:
    • a small but very atmospheric place serving Roman pizza,
  • La Pizza Napoletana 2.0 by Francesco Siano – 1,300 metres:
    • although the restaurant is a little further away, it offers a delivery option and the delicious Neapolitan pizza arrives in a good condition,
  • Kuchnia & Forma – 1,300 metres:
    • this pizzeria does not offer delivery, but it is worth going there to enjoy a great pizza made from truly Italian ingredients, as well as other Italian dishes.

Kebab lovers are invited by:

Recommendable burgers available here:

  • Pobyku Kuchnia Bar – 650 metres:
    • classic and original burgers prepared with quality beef as well as beef-based dishes including steaks,
  • Pobyku Burger, Steak & Bar – 1,200 metres:
    • this venue belongs to the same little Pobyku chain, however, it focuses mainly on burgers, which offer differs from that above,
  • Bydło i Powidło Meat-ing Place – 1,200 metres:
    • a food truck offering tasty burgers with a variety of sauces and fries.

Why not giving it a try:

  • Quchareczka Bistro & Deli – 100 metres:
    • excellent homemade food a few steps from the apartment. In addition to the regular menu, lunch deals are available,
  • Skarby Smaku – 850 metres:
    • traditional dishes prepared on site with the use of quality ingredients. Although there are some tables inside, most customers order takeaways,
  • Serce w mące – 1,000 metres:
    • famous Polish dumplings pierogi with a variety of fillings,
  • Bar Marymont – 1,200 metres:
    • iconic bar serving simple and affordable homemade dishes since 1960!

Let me introduce something unexpected:

  • Fast Chicken – 1,000 metres:
    • Hungarian style rotisserie chicken.

How about going to the Far East to enjoy some Chinese or Vietnamese food:

Let’s move to America:

  • Buenos Nachos – 900 metres:
    • this little venue is home to authentic Mexican flavours.

And back to Asia for one of its most famous food classics:

  • Sushiberry – 1,600 metres:
    • don’t worry about the distance, as this restaurant offers a delivery-only service, which is definitely worth considering due to its wide range of classic and signature sushi rolls as well as lunch deals and promo sets.

It is high time for the true gem:

  • Curry House – 1,800 metres:
    • I do not suggest visiting the furthest venue in this list, which is rather small and unremarkable. Although, I strongly encourage you to order home delivery of the best Indian food in Warsaw, which I have already recommended to many of my friends (no, I don’t have a penny for this promotion)!

Some sweets may be obtained there:

The nearby venues serves also a plenty of opportunities for a nice evening:

📍 Tourist attractions

Warsaw is full of diverse tourist attractions, although I do not aim to prepare another guidebook to the capital of Poland. You may find brochures which I collected for you at the local tourist information centre on the dresser in the living room. In contrast, this list focuses on places remaining within the walking distance from the apartment and which may not be mentioned in the general publications on Warsaw.

As before, the distances given below refer to the shortest footpath available and are based on Google Maps data. They are listed, starting with the nearest. Some destinations can be easier reachable by one of the many public transport connections described in the first part of this guidebook.

PS With exclamation marks (❗) I would like to point out these attractions which, in my opinion, may deserve your special attention.

This is the very green part of Warsaw. The nearest green areas are only a few steps from the apartment:

  • Olszyna Park – 100 metres:
    • this park includes a nature reserve, walking and cycle paths as well as a sports field complex,
  • Zbigniew Herbert Park – 300 metres:
    • another park which name is dedicated to famous Polish poet Zbigniew Herbert lays just behind Olszyna Park,
  • Kaskada Park – 850 metres:
    • originally formed as a part of the royal residence in Marymont. „Kaskada” means cascade and refers to its varied terrain,
  • Bielański Forest – 1,900 metres:
    • one of the biggest and most famous nature reserves in Warsaw. In the heart of the forest there is the former Camaldolese monastery complex. The white habits of the monks were the origin of the district name „Bielany” as white means „biały” in Polish,
  • Kępa Potocka Park – 2,300 metres:
    • the old Vistula bed surrounded by walking and cycling trails. Playgrounds, bars and cafes may let you spend the whole day there,
  • Żoliborz Beach – 3,500 metres:
    • an attractively shaded area by the Vistula River with fire pits and bars, significantly less crowded in the summer than other popular Warsaw beaches.

Let me present some local alternatives to the most popular Warsaw monuments:

  • Church of Our Lady Queen of Poland – 1,300 metres:
    • the foundations of today’s church are the remains of a palace built on the initiative of Polish King John III Sobieski for Queen Marie. As the residence stood on a hill, it was named Marie Mont which, adapted into Polish, sounds „Marymont” and makes the name of this area of Żoliborz district. The walls of the former residence were discovered and exposed at the back of the church on Dembińskiego Street,
  • Powązki Military Cemetery – 1,500 metres:
    • necropolis, where – contrary to its name – not only soldiers are buried. In addition to victims of Katyn massacre or Zośka Scouting Battalion engaged in the Warsaw Uprising you may also admire tombstones of famous Polish sportsmen, singers, writers and politicians,
  • Confederation Square – 1,600 metres:
    • the heart of the Bielany district of Warsaw where the apartment is located. This tiny square is surrounded by buildings dating from the second half of the 1920s. On the south side of the square there is a characteristic hexagonal church of Saint Sigismund from 1981. The Płatnicza Street which goes through the square is, in my humble opinion, the most beautiful place in Bielany. The atmospheric bakery DEJ is worth a visit,
  • Sanctuary of blessed Jerzy Popiełuszko – 2,100 metres:
    • St. Stanislaus Kostka Roman Catholic church is associated with the activity of blessed Jerzy Popiełuszko, a priest whose activity is associated with the opposition Solidarity trade union in communist Poland. There is also a tombstone of Popiełuszko, who was murdered by the agents of the communistic Security Service under the Ministry of Internal Affairs,
  • Thomas Woodrow Wilson Square – 2,100 metres:
    • the central point of Żoliborz district of Warsaw. The square commemorates the US President, who played a crucial role in the restoration of Polish independence after World War I. There is also a picturesque Stefan Żeromski Park with a large playground. Many trendy restaurants and cafes surround this area,
  • Warsaw Citadel – 3,000 metres:
    • the remains of a fortress built between 1832 and 1834 after the fall of the November Uprising by order of Tsar Nicholas I. A characteristic point of the fortification is the Execution Gate, which is the mausoleum of the victims of tsarist repression. The Citadel is also home to the newly opened Museum of Polish History.

🚮 Taking out the rubbish

Waste segregation is mandatory in Warsaw, therefore, for your convenience, I have prepared 4 separate bins. You will find them in the cabinet on the left of the oven.

The waste containers are located at the back of the building (the most convenient way to reach them is through the back exit – towards the east):

  • mixed waste (black containers) – after passing the stairs turn right into the garbage room (the door is not locked),
  • biowaste (brown containers), metals and plastics (yellow containers), paper (blue containers) and glass (green containers) – located on the paved area next to the building.

More information on segregation rules are available here.